During the fertile period of menses if a female is exposed to unprotected intercourse for  2-3 times the chances of pregnancy are enhan...

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Number of couples have been benefited by our treatment. My treatment is cheap and non-invasive in comparison to IUI and Test Tube Baby.

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Number of couples have been benefited by our treatment...

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Modern Alopathy is helpful in diagnosing the problem. Unfortunately there is no solution to male fertility except ART.
आधुनिक विज्ञान ...

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Mystery of infertile couples Infertility in couples in one or both partners is a great curse. It may, however, severely affect the couple’s psychological harmony, sexual life and social functions. The male desiring a child but unable to father a baby his wife feels demeaned, deprived and puzzled, in almost all cultures or societies. More in India, childlessness may cast a dark shadow on the physiological and social adequacy of the female and diminish the social standing of the male partner. Anyhow to have children is a basic need just like hunger, sleep and avoidance of pain. The God has created human and animal on the earth, and has blessed them to procreate their progeny.

पुरुष बाँझपन एवं नपुंसकता लाईलाज नहीं है| .Eye Opener for Male Infertility