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vpgoyal Dr. V .P. Goyal
Graduated from S. N. Medical College in 1968
Practising at
Mahila Clinic & Maternity Home
Opposite S.N. Medical College, Agra
Special area of interest:Male infertility Sexual disorders hypogonadism (Immature Sex Organs) अपरिपक्व जननेंद्रिया Diabetes
drurmil f Dr.(Smt) Urmil Goyal
Graduated from Rohtak Medical College in 1969.
Retired as senior MOIC in 2004
Presently Practising at Mahila Clinic & Maternity Home
Opposite S.N. Medical College, Agra
Special area of interest:Female infertility Primary amenorrhea (किशोर अवस्था में मासिक धर्म का शुरू न होना )Poly cystic ovary



Out of all the infertile couples, which constitute nearly 15% of the total, the male partner is equally responsible for the infertility. Nowadays out of the total males, nearly 2% are suffering from azoospermia and in other males, count is low with no motility or very poor motility. In few patients the count is found to have fallen to a level of 1-2 millions. Unfortunately there is no cure yet in Allopathy, except various ART procedures like IVF-ET. Though it was recognized relatively late that cases of male infertility may be successfully treated through ART (HIRSHI & others ET AL 1986 IVF in couples with male factor infertility) furtile strile 45:659. Initial impression of high success in IVF for male factors (Coehn et al 19913*) was realized to be too optimistic later on. Various IVF techniques are traumatic to both partners. Thatcher and others have said, “Although ART is not the panacea” thatcher 1989. A critical assessment of the indication for IVF & Embryo transfer human reproduction 4 ( supplement:11.  Among all the procedures of ART the cases in which male etiological factor is prevalent , the output of pregnancies till deliveries (live babies) are nearly 95%*.. For all types of sperm problems I tried to search for the treatment in the field of herbs and Ayurveda. I could formulate the treatment as an alternative medicine and found the results to be very encouraging.

Although during my >30 yrs. of practice, numerous patients of Oligospermia, Asthenospermia, Teratospermia have been benefited with my treatment. I also came across few patients of azoospermia, When I investigated and treated them, ‘The results were pretty miraculous and unbelievable.