पुरष में बाँझपन का कारण Sperm की कमी, मरे हुये, विकृत या Nil होना ही मुख्य कारण है और साथ ही ये यहाँ वर्णित किसी भी अंग की दोषित कार्यप्रणाली के द्वारा हो सकता है |

Male Repo System


they are 2 in number, outside the body in a sac, vital organ for reproduction. Internal structure consists of soft tube like structures, responsible for sperm production called seminiferous tubules.

Further their opening unite and reunite to form mediastinum testes or RETE TESTES, thereafter they take shape of several ducts and join  a tube called head of epididymis.


The head of the epididymis emerges from the top of the testis.It is formed when the  ductuli efferents straight course becomes convoluted by a series of conical masses to form the body of epididymis.Its function is to store the sperms and helps in maturation of  sperms.

Vas  deferens:

The tail of epididymis continues as muscular tube  which helps in transporting  sperms, it traverses  up &  behind the prostate unites with a duct from seminal vesicles to form the ejaculatory duct.

Ejaculatory duct:

Ejaculatory duct  pass through prostate and opens in urethra.

Seminal vesicles:

The Seminal vesicles are small sacs in which seminal fluid is stored which is rich in fructose, an important nutrition for sperms for maintaining vitality after ejaculation. The seminal plasma is responsible for coagulation.


A wall-nut size gland which grows throughout life of a man. It prevents urination during  intercourse, it also adds its secretions which is vital for the sperms and liquefies the semen.

Bulbourethral gland:

Its secretions at the time of sexual act cleans the urethra and maintains an alkaline pH.

Male sexual disorders with normal sex organs:
Impotency: due to any organic disease example- diabetes, disability or any other chronic illness can be treated by medicine while functional disorders can be corrected by counseling and sex exercises.
Erectile dysfunctions: if no vascular leaking on penile ultrasound, again corrected by counselling and pelvic floor exercises.
Premature ejaculation / sexual inadequacy: common complaints of male subjects these days. Problem can be solved by proper counselling, sex exercises, and some treatment if required.


testimonyAbove shown is a of Micro Penis and Gynecomastia picture of a male subject treated with satisfactory improvement.
The various conditions of azoospermia may be associated with sexual incompetency for example Kallmann’s syndrome and Klinfelter’s syndrome.