Number of couples have been benefited by our treatment. My treatment is cheap and non-invasive in comparison to IUI and Test Tube Baby.
हमारे इलाज से अनेकानेक दम्पति संतान सुख प्राप्त कर चुके है और कर रहे है | आधुनिक विज्ञान की अन्यान्य विधिया जेसे IUI, Test Tube Baby आदि मँहगे इलाज के मुकाबले हमारी पद्धति सस्ती और सुविधाजनक है |


A proper history of the male counterpart along with family history, any chronic illness in past, a detailed clinical examination, and diagnostic investigations. After this work up clinical findings are confirmed by USG even a TRUS (internal USG) if required. A semen sample is examined for estimating the functions of seminal vesicles, prostate etc.

Prior to the treatment a detailed counseling is very necessary to explain the prognosis.
As we know prevention is always better than cure. One can diagnose these problems if parents remain aware at the pubertal age for their male children as some of the endocrinal abnormalities and genetical disorders may lead to male infertility.
My treatment regimen is very successful and less expensive as compared to other ART procedures as has been proved by a good number of pregnancies conceived in the past.

Advantage of my treatment over ART procedures like. IVF, TESE, ICSI etc.

One has to understand this entire physiological pregnancy rate in fertile couples with unprotected sex:

These figures become somewhat less depressing when one realizes that the bulk of these losses are not random” bad luck” but rather “nature’s way” of eliminating anomalous fetuses.

Frequency at chromosomal anomalies in abort uses up to 6 weeks is very high nearly 70%. Over 99% at chromosomally anomalous fetuses are eliminated during the course of pregnancy.

The bulk loss at embryos /fetuses are 18 to 20% in various ART programs while in a natural path is higher i.e.>25% As shown in the above table.

Name of the procedures Azoospermia Oligospermia Asthenospermia Terato spermia % of Pregnancies
ART (invasive and expensive.) IVF,TESE,ICSI IUI, IVF,TESE,ICSI IVF,TESE,ICSI 20-30% depending upon the quality and skills of the centre.
My regimen (oral medicine and less expensive.) This regimen can  increase sperm count up to 20 million/ml or more in 70% cases. Most of the couple conceived within 2-6 months months. While in few cases count has gone up to >42 mill./ml. Most of the couples conceived within 2-6 months. A subtantial improvement has been noticed. Up to 30% depending on the treatment compliance